Your Own Personal Paperless Newspaper

Acrylic Homepage

Last month I wrote about all the ways we’ve cut out paper from entering our home. Today I discovered Times, a great Mac application which might help you keep your news addiction without the paper. You will be using resources to power your computer though, so don’t forget to switch to a green power source like wind power if you can!

With the Times app, you can collect news from all your favorite newspapers and updates from blogs, photo sites, twitter, and any other sites you follow that have an RSS feed. Unlike all the other RSS readers I’ve seen, Times does not treat the articles like e-mails, instead “Like your own personal newspaper, you can put feeds into separate areas, create pages for different subjects, and more.”

For a long time I’ve been using Apple’s Mail application to manage all my RSS feeds, but it has been getting a little unwieldy lately, with many folders and lots of clicking to get to each of the articles. Now I can create my own news sections and keep up with everyone with a really attractive app, and a lot less clicking around. Here are some of the pages I’ve created for myself. In these images all the text is black, but you can set a preference that “dims” articles you’ve already read so that the new articles stand out.


I wasn’t able to find a Windows alternative like Times. If anyone knows of anything like this for Windows, it would be great if you could post it in the comments. How do you organize your RSS feeds? (And please add me to your RSS feeds if you haven’t already!)