Winter is the time to slow down

I have been overbooking myself lately and it shows. I have I have 18 draft blog posts right now, reflecting my inability to finish a thought to completion when I’m too hurried. (I also have dirty dishes overflowing out of the sink onto the kitchen counter.)

I decided to take a moment to publish one post, and hopefully get back in the habit. When I was working on creating our family rhythm, I decided blogging is important to me right now, but that I wanted to limit myself to 500 words or less and 20 minutes per post (except for special occasions). I’ve been good with the word count, but not so much the time. I write, read, edit, delete and rewrite. I recently got an email from a reader in Germany and then checked out my analytics. I learned that I have followers all over the world, from many countries. Something about these words going out to the world makes me want to get it perfect. I need to settle for good enough.

Anyway, here are a few words that are on my mind right now.

Winter is the time to slow down

I heard these words from Claudia Keel, when she presented at one of our recent Holistic Moms Network monthly meetings. She talked about herbs and kitchen remedies for winter health. I’m fortunate that I haven’t gotten sick yet this year (and I have been using some preventative remedies we learned and eating very well), but winter is a long way from over and I need to slow down a bit.

How do you balance the need to slow down in the winter with the flurry of holiday activities and gatherings?