Will we ever get there?

5 year goals (from 2009)

My husband recently came across an old list I made. It was great timing because lately we’ve been wondering if we’ll ever finish many of our goals and it was inspiring to see how many things from the old list are either completed or started.

There were two very big goals on this list that aren’t yet complete.

  1. Finish project of removing things we don’t need from our home and reorganizing: I’m working on de-cluttering 2012 items this year which should really help with the first goal (though I’m starting to realize that you can never be “finished” organizing because life changes and needs change…)
  1. Pay wedding loan off in next 2 years: We just made a huge payment on our debt reduction recently. Though it’s not paid off, we only have 10% of the original debt left to pay and it feels really good to be this close. Hopefully it will be gone very soon.

Have you ever found an old list like this?