Whole 30: Week 4, we’re almost there

Just a few short weeks ago I was wondering how on earth I would make it through 30 whole days without dark chocolate and honey, or the occasional sarsaparilla soda (yum…). ┬áNow I’m wondering if I’ll ever go back. I feel great. All the flavors in different vegetables are tasting better and better and I’m eating less fruit too, not feeling so much like I need a “treat” after a meal.

I have to share some more recipes soon, like the cauliflower mash we made this week. I had the recipe for a long time but figured there was no way it could compare to real mashed potatoes. I. Was. Wrong.

Now that we’ve got our routines down, it’s very easy to have a whole meal three times a day. Usually I make two meals at once (like making Peter’s lunch while cooking breakfast) or have one of the three meals centered around leftovers.

Here’s what we’ve been eating…


Whole30 Day 22

Day 22

Breakfast: burrito (eggs, beef, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes), sweet potatoes cooked in ghee and ginger, 1/2 of a grapefruit

Lunch: egg drop soup (bone broth, chicken fat, egg, parsley), steamed broccoli, EVOO, USS

Dinner: beef stew (beef stew meat, bone broth, onion, celery, carrots, white sweet potatoes, tomato paste, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, USS)

Whole30 Day 23

Day 23

Breakfast: eggs with rosemary and scallions, sirloin steak, Japanese sweet potato “chips”

Lunch: sirloin steak, mushroom and onion cooked in bone broth, steamed green beans with EVOO, salad (red leaf lettuce, raw onion, fermented radishes, slow roasted tomatoes), dressing (homemade mayo with garlic and rosemary), seltzer

Dinner: roasted chicken, cauliflower mash (steamed cauliflower, turmeric, ghee, USS), salad (red leaf lettuce, cremini mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes, fermented radishes), dressing (homemade mayo with garlic and rosemary)

Whole30 Day 24

Day 24

Breakfast: lightly scrambled eggs, cilantro, white sweet potatoes cooked in mix of lard and chicken fat

Lunch: chicken salad wrap (chicken, mayo, rosemary, red leaf lettuce), braised leeks, mug of bone broth

Dinner: slow cooker lamb shanks (onion, celery, carrots, garlic, bone broth, tomato paste, thyme, bay leaf, lamb, lard)

Whole30 Day 25

Day 25

Breakfast: chorizo, 2 fried eggs with parsley, lard

Lunch: Beef hot dogs, dijon, tomato paste, sauerkraut, avocado

Dinner (not pictured since we were eating it cold and running out the door): sliced roasted turkey with rosemary mayo, avocado

Whole30 Day 26

Day 26

Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with crumbled chorizo, avocado and slow roasted tomatoes, sweet potato hash

Lunch: chicken bone broth, sliced roasted turkey, rosemary mayo, red leave lettuce, 1/2 of an avocado, tomatoes

Dinner: hamburger on red leaf lettuce, cooked mushrooms and onions, rosemary mayo, fermented radishes, leftover beef stew with green pepper added

Whole30 Day 27

Day 27

Breakfast: lamb/chicken bone broth, 3 fried eggs with minced rosemary and parsley, sweet potato hash

Lunch: hamburger, red leaf lettuce, tomato paste, dijon, avocado, leftover sweet potatoes, coffee

Dinner: chip steak, roasted golden beets, beet greens, shallot, bone broth, baked Japanese sweet potatoes with ghee and USS

Whole30 Day 28

Day 28

Breakfast: eggs with cilantro, chip steak, sweet potato hash, coffee

Lunch: beef hot dogs, fermented ginger carrots, cauliflower mash (ghee, turmeric, USS), dijon, tomato paste

Dinner: chip steak, cauliflower mash (ghee, turmeric, USS), roasted brussels sprouts, mug of bone broth

Peter’s lunches

This week we had a special treat. Since Peter was working at a clients’ office nearby he came home for lunch every day and all his lunches are the same as mine above. It was really nice to see him in the middle of the day!

Baby’s reactions

None! He’s doing really well.