Week 8: Dividing drawers

My goal for week 8 of the 52 Weeks of Organizing was to figure out where our weekend guests would be able to sleep in our apartment. For the last couple of years we’ve only had a twin pull-out sofa. Now we have added a full size mattress which we got second hand from friends. It’s still going to be tight, but my sister and her boyfriend are being good sports and sharing a twin bed for the weekend! I realized as I was working on this that it wasn’t so much of an organizing project, so I took a photo of another project I did this week: organizing baby clothes.

A few weeks ago I had sorted all the clothes by size, but the newborn clothes we have take up an entire drawer and opening that drawer was overwhelming to me. It all looks like a bunch of tiny pieces of fabric that I still don’t know what we will do with. So, I took a hint from my own dresser… where I divided small items by reusing cardboard. It’s very simple to make and I can write up the instructions if anyone is interested.

For the baby’s dresser, I went back and forth on whether to reuse something I already had or buy something new. In the end, the boxes that are made to fit the dresser were just perfect and hopefully the green gods will forgive me.

Baby's divided drawer