Week 7: Purge first, organize second

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve continued to work on my organizing list for the first 12 weeks, but I shifted my focus to doing some more serious purging first. I started realizing that organizing stuff I didn’t even want was a waste of my time, energy and limited space. This ties in perfectly with Laura’s topic this week on OrgJunkie: Purge Until It Fits. I also read another inspiring post a friend sent me called Don’t Organize Your Clutter.

I’ve been going through our apartment container by container and purging those items we don’t really need. For example, our summer container had 8 beach towels and about 10 beer koozies. There are only two of us! Now we have 4 beach towels and 3 koozies. Our camera equipment had two digital cameras that no longer work and another that is very outdated. The broken ones went in a box for e-waste.

Green tip! If you’ve never heard of e-waste before, look it up. It’s very important to recycle old electronics. They contain glass and metals that are much more earth friendly to recycle than to produce from virgin materials, and a lot of times they contain chemicals like mercury that we don’t want released into the environment. Many cities have a periodic drop off where you can take all your e-waste for free.

Now, rather than going out and buying more bins and baskets to organize all the items that don’t have homes I can use the newly emptied containers, which include two large plastic bins, two small plastic bins and two large baskets from IKEA that I love. They are handwoven from banana fibers and are so beautiful!

What should I put in them now? Well, a long time ago I talked about how I wanted to use them in our coat closet, I think I might have to make this week 13’s project!