Week 6: Work in progress bedroom storage

I never got around to posting last week, so it’s already week 7 of Org Junkie‚Äôs 52 Weeks of Organizing. Better late than never? My week 6 goals included:

  • Attach shoe cabinets to wall in bedroom. Check!
  • Get glass cut for top of cabinets. Check!
  • Hang art that is sitting on top of the cabinets. Quarter check.
  • Figure out what to store in the cabinets. Half check.

I hung the large print we got on our honeymoon but got stuck there. Should I arrange the rest of the smaller prints on the left side and attach them to the wall individually or should I attach the two photo shelves we have to the wall and leave the frames resting on them so they can be arranged more casually? It looks like IKEA discontinued the shelves, but here’s a great example of what they look like when being used as a child’s library.

I also started organizing the inside of the cabinets. We never planned to use them for shoes even though that’s what they are meant for. We just needed some very narrow furniture so I would still be able to get to the bed. I’ve decided that rolling clothes makes them very easy to find inside the tall, skinny drawers. We are using the cabinets for PJs, sweatshirts and extra blankets, but still have a couple of empty drawers.