Week 5: Quick book cleanup

This week was very busy with work, so I tackled a quick area that was bugging me. I’m not the type of person who can lay down and be asleep within a few minutes, so I often read in bed until my eyes start to droop. I have an area for all my “keeper” books in another room, but I’ve always left a few books within easy reach of the bed.

Since I’m a fast reader, I started checking out more and more books from the library at once and several friends recently gave me stacks of baby books they were finished with. Here’s where I ended up after all that:

Night table before

I went through my two shelves of books on my “keeper” bookcase (the top two shelves in the photo I posted in my organizing plan) and removed about a half a shelf worth of books that I don’t think I will read again. Those books are destined to go back to their original owners or to be donated to the library.

Having the extra space there made it easy to clean up the bedside. I took all the books I wasn’t reading right now, and moved them over. So much better!

Night table after

Since it only took me about 15 minutes to organize the books, I decided to take a peek inside the drawer. It’s just about the closest thing I have to a junk drawer, and I end up cleaning it out periodically. Usually everything in there has a home somewhere else, but when I’m ready to go to sleep it’s easier to dump it in the drawer than put it where it belongs.

I found some really odd things in the drawer, like a popsicle stick (from the early pregnancy nausea days I’m sure), some expired coupons and a USB cable. I also found about 10 hair bands. Glad I found those because I was down to just one in my bathroom stash. Bonus!

I’m going to try and use the basket on the bottom shelf for those items from now on. When a few things start to accumulate, I can grab the basket, take it room to room and put everything back where it belongs. It will be a lot easier to put my glasses away at night so they don’t get scratched and find my sleep mask, ear plugs etc when I need them.

Drawer before and after

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