Week 35: Cutting down the jewelry stash

This is the before photo of a lot of my jewelry. I had phases with colorful pins and then bracelets. I still like the way they look sorted by color in my closet… but I never wear them anymore.

Jewelry before

I also still have my childhood jewelry box, but the necklace hanging spot is made for little girls’ jewelry. My necklaces end up in a jumble at the bottom and I stopped wearing most of them.

The little drawers in this jewelry box are also packed with earrings that I haven’t worn in ages and items that really belong in my memory box (such as my academic pins).

Jewelry box

I guess my new style is simplicity: wedding rings, watch from wedding and diamond stud earrings. I also was wearing one necklace that I can exchange the pendant on but for now I’m not wearing any necklace since I have a little head resting on me quite often throughout the day.

So, I sorted through everything and decided to keep just a few items. Here’s what I have packed up to take on our next donation run:

  • 27 bracelets
  • 14 necklaces
  • 12 pairs earrings
  • 7 pins
  • 1 watch
  • 1 ring

I got the idea of tallying up the purged items from another blog and I’m really excited about keeping an ongoing tally. That’s 62 items so far! I didn’t bother with an after shot because I kept so little that there’s really nothing to organizing it.

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