Week 3: I need counter space!

It’s (sort of) week 3 of Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing. (The end of the week got quite hectic, so I missed linking up on Friday but I’m still here organizing.) My original plan for the week was to finish organizing the items we no longer need and to sell as many as possible. I got off to a really dismal start (summer garage sales are so much more time efficient than selling individual items) and then I got really annoyed with my kitchen and decided to jump ahead a week on my plan.

When I first moved into my husband’s apartment, I took over the kitchen and organized the heck out of it, selling or donating duplicates and setting up zones for each task. Then slowly, the way I cook started changing, and my carefully organized systems got stretched until they collapsed. Over the last few years I’ve added a glass jar or two to my collection each time I’ve made a trip to IKEA or the Container Store. The jars started overflowing from the cabinet I designated for them until they completely took over my butcher block countertop—and in a 6 foot by 7 foot kitchen I need every inch of counter space I can get!


Counter space to recover


I pulled out every jar from the cabinets, countertop and pantry and put them all together on a small bookcase repurposed from another room in the apartment. It fits nicely under our intercom just outside the kitchen, and even provides a small “counter” on top. In the photo, there are a couple of jars that were extras, but we’ve since filled them with healthy snacks that we can grab, like dried fruit and nuts. Now I just need to get some rechargeable batteries for my label maker so I can replace the pink post-its with nice labels.

New jar storage area

Since I emptied out one of the kitchen cabinets I realized I didn’t like having our everyday dishes in the corner cabinet where some were in front of others and getting them in or out had led to a few chips. Now they are nicely spaced out in the cabinet that used to hold jars.

Organized dishes

And the ultimate goal was met; we have the counter back!

Cleared off counter