Week 29: Continuing the china cabinet clean out

For week 29 of the 52 Weeks of Organizing, I continued cleaning out the china cabinet that I started last week. I completely emptied the bottom shelves and the three drawers. I made room in the buffet for the dishes I want to keep. In case you didn’t see last week’s photo, yes we have a china cabinet AND a buffet in our small apartment, but not for much longer!

Empty drawers

Empty lower shelves

I also started packing up the serving pieces from our china set that were on the upper shelves. I put them in the boxes they came in, which were already taking up space in the buffet anyway. I need to find a few more boxes; hopefully they didn’t make their way to the recycling bin…

China cabinet

While I was rearranging things in the buffet I made an unexpected discovery. A few years ago our water goblets went on clearance so I bought an extra 6 (making a set of 18). I figured we could break one now and then and have a set of 12 for a long time. I thought we were down to 11 but apparently I had stashed one in the buffet, so we’re back to 12!

I plan to get stainless steel drinking cups for everyday so we can have a full set of glasses for dinner parties. We used cups like these at a friend’s backyard party and really liked them; they are easy to clean and it seems like a wise investment and a more environmental option over buying breakable glassses that eventually need to be replaced.

BTW, anyone who lives nearby interested in buying this cabinet before I put it on craigslist?