Week 28: Breaking down a big project

When we were engaged we struggled with what to register for until my mother-in-law told a story about her wedding china. We decided wedding china would be a great thing to register for since we already had a full apartment. We then ended up buying a china cabinet on craigslist to temporarily hold the china until we “finished” the room (even though we already had a full buffet cabinet). A year after our wedding, we still had the two cabinets:

Dining room 2009

Today the only difference is that I sold or donated most of the cookbooks this spring.

On my initial 12 week plan for the 52 weeks of Organizing, here’s what I wrote for week 10:

Combine contents of two dining room storage units and sell the big china cabinet or sell both and buy the new cabinet on our wish list.

While I really want to have less furniture so we have more room for people that project was way too big for one week! So, I’m taking it in smaller pieces.

When my grandmother passed I kept a lot of dishes and entertaining pieces because I love to cook for friends and family (like she did) and it felt like a way to keep her memory close. More than 10 years later, I haven’t used many of the dishes.

Then one of our cats shattered my favorite when I was 8.5 months pregnant. I’m sure you can imagine the avalanche of tears that ensued, but it was another step in helping me to realize that my memories aren’t dependent on stuff.

This week I went through all the pieces I got from my grandma’s collection. They were taking up the entire lower half of the china cabinet, but now most of them are wrapped and boxed up. I’m going to offer them to other family members.