Week 27: Landing area (by the front door)

I started going around the apartment taking photos of areas to re/organize so that I could update my 52 Weeks of Organizing list, which I am going to try to finish this week. My initial list was only 12 weeks, so I have a lot more to add. One of the areas I planned to add to my list was the landing area near our front door. One evening when I was in the kitchen, my husband walked in with some of that stuff and asked if he could give it away. (YES!) He said the spot was bothering him, so he was working on organizing it!

I think I remember some discussion at the beginning of the year about not organizing your spouse’s stuff and just leading by example. Maybe all the other organizing projects are inspiring him? Or the contrast of the organized areas makes the unorganized ones stick out? Whatever it is, yay for the hubby getting excited about organizing. (This is the same guy who in exasperation while looking for something a a couple months ago said “Where are we keeping it this week?!” Oops!)¬†When he saw what I did with the coffee and tea area last week, he said “wow,” so I guess it’s starting to pay off instead of frustrating him when he’s trying to find something.

Here’s the before and after of the landing area by the front door. There are still some loose lightbulbs and batteries that we need to recycle. I might add some containers for those in the future. We once used that chalkboard often before we got the shoe cabinet (we had to hang it a lot higher after putting the cabinet in) and then we painted the adjacent wall with chalkboard paint, so now it sits blank. I’m thinking about putting a mirror there instead and moving the chalkboard to the kitchen or somewhere else, but for now it’s good enough.

Landing area before

Landing area after