Week 26: Coffee and tea storage

For week 26 of the 52 Weeks of Organizing, I took care of another shelf. This time it was one of the shelves in the upper corner cabinet in our kitchen. When I first moved our tea and coffee to that space, I put in one of those stepped risers. Can you see it in the back right side of the photo…empty? This clearly wasn’t working.

Coffee and tea before

First I took everything out of the cabinet:

Contents of the cabinet

A couple of things migrated into the space that didn’t belong. There was also too much in the space since we have received a lot of tea as gifts. I added some of the unopened tea to our donation box. (Yes, we’re down to a single box! We finally had another garage sale in May and then donated everything that was left and started a new donate box.)

I moved around the “keeper” teas so that they would take up less space. (Eg, some of the loose tea went from short and wide containers to tall and thin glass jars that I saved and the few bags that were left in the large tin (bottom left of photo above) were moved into a small box.

Next I borrowed a lazy susan from the dining room where it was underutilized.

Lazy susan

Finally I added everything to the lazy susan. The only thing that isn’t on the tray is coffee filters, which I plan to replace with a reusable filter once they run out. (It seems like I never buy coffee filters but also never run out of them though?)

Cabinet after (coffee side)

Cabinet after (tea side)