Week 25: Organizing a shelf full of paperwork

Week 25 of the of theĀ 52 Weeks of Organizing!

I haven’t touched any papers for over two months, unless you count shoving them in to every nook and cranny of this one shelf on my bookcase…

Bookshelf (Before)

I started taking everything off of the shelf bit by bit. It was really, really hard not to start wandering off each time I found something on the shelf that belonged in another room. (But I stayed put since Laura pointed out last week that you might never get anything done if you can’t stick to one task. The video she posted is so funny but so true!)

I sorted everything into piles…

Sorted piles

  1. Scan & then recycle/shred
  2. Follow up on
  3. Shred
  4. Put away in this room
  5. Recycle
  6. Put away in another room
  7. Give to husband
  8. For baby memory book
  9. Give away/return to someone else

I dealt with each of the piles that could be taken care of immediately, and put the rest back into the paper sorter. Now it’s much easier to find what I’m looking for when I’m ready to finish working on one of the piles!

Organized shelf