Week 24: Back to organizing (starting small)

It’s been a while since I participated in the 52 Weeks of Organizing challenge. Our son is going to be 10 weeks old this weekend. Double digits baby! I’ve heard several times that the only constant with babies is change. Each time I think I’ve got our “schedule” figured out, he changes it up again, but, I’m getting better at balancing everything regardless of his changing routines.

To tie in perfectly with this week’s theme (“Finish what you start”), this week I picked a very small project to get started with. Our towel situation has been been driving me crazy for a while. Our teeny tiny bathroom is poorly ventilated. We can’t leave towels in there to dry because they would still be wet the next morning! We like to reuse our towels for about a week (less work and less resources used), but if we leave them in the bathroom they get gross from all the dampness.┬áSo we end up with towels strewn over the bedroom door, on the headboard, hanging from a room divider, etc.

Towel mess

To get the towels all in one place, I installed a hook rack behind our bedroom door. Now the towels can dry between showers but still be out of sight (unless you’re looking behind the bedroom door).

Hooks behind the door

Hooks behind the door

Next week, I am going to try to stick with another project that I can finish. I’ve been eyeing up my bookshelf that has been getting more and more messy over the last couple of months. Instead of trying to tackle the whole thing, I’m going to start with one shelf. Hopefully I will be able to finish what I start!