Upcycled cardboard drawer dividers

I mentioned last week that I used cardboard to make my own drawer divider. Here’s what it looks like and how to make it!

Cardboard drawer divider

First measure the inside height, width and depth of your drawer. I placed a towel under my drawer to protect the table from getting scratched by the drawer’s tracks.

Measure the drawer

You will need to cut all of your cardboard to no more than the height of the inside of your drawer. (I made mine 1″ less since I had pieces of cardboard that height already.)

You will need to cut half of your pieces to the width of your drawer and half to the depth of your drawer. You’ll end up with one more cubby per side than piece of cardboard you cut for each side.

For example, I cut two pieces each for the width and depth of my drawer, and I ended up with three spaces in each direction; 3 x 3 = 9 all together.

Cut pieces of cardboard

Mark off the size you want the cubbies to be. The marks need to be the same on the pieces that are the same size. For example, I marked my smaller pieces every 5 inches and my larger pieces every 6 inches.

If you want different sized cubbies you could mark odd sizes, but make sure that the marks are in the same place for all pieces that are the same size or you won’t end up with square cubbies!

Markings for cubby sizes

Cut about half way through the height of your cardboard where your marks are.

Cut along marks

Cut a little more from each side of your first cut so that you have a wider cutout that is about as thick as your cardboard.

Widen your cuts

Line up the pieces of cardboard so all the cuts are even and turn over half of your pieces. Put the pieces together so that you form an X with your first cut.

Push pieces together along cuts

Continue with each cut mark until you have a grid.

Continue putting pieces together

Place the finished grid into your drawer and you’re all set! I left mine unfinished but if you want a more decorative look, you could cover it with leftover wrapping paper or fabric.

Cardboard drawer divider