TV benches

We finally upgraded to a flat screen TV a while ago when the last of the LED backlit models were on clearance. I really wanted to hold out and see how long the TV I got when I was 13 would last, but I gave up since that sucker was still going strong after 15 years (we gave it away).

Our new TV is still sitting on the behemoth cabinet that we had. I’ve been wanting to get a smaller cabinet for a more cohesive look. We just bought one from IKEA but haven’t opened the box because I’m not sure if we picked the right one.

TV benches

  1. New, solid wood, stained black-brown, same line as the shoe cabinets in our bedroom and pulls match my desk in the same room the TV is in. It has drawers that will easily hold all of our remaning DVDs and remotes.
  2. New, solid wood, stained black-brown. It has glass doors to protect electronics from dust (and little hands?). We don’t have any other furniture with these lines or pulls but the finish would coordinate.
  3. Discontinued solid wood, stained black-brown or antique. Same line as the rest of our living room furniture and greener option to get used if we can, but we’d have to continue to scour craigslist and hope it doesn’t take too long for someone to give one up.*

*On a side note has anyone ever successfully posted a wanted ad on craigslist for furniture? I’ve posted a couple of them but never gotten any responses.

What would you do?