Too busy purging and organizing to blog

Just kidding, sort of. I have been organizing a lot but never seem to get the chance to link up to the 52 weeks since Fridays are not working out as good blogging days for me.

I took photos of some of our larger purge items this week and listed them on craigslist today. I can’t believe how many responses I got immediately, and for all the items.

The most popular item is our fish tank. I didn’t even have a great photo of it and couldn’t take a new one since Peter was sleeping on my lap when I wanted to make the ad. I dug around my Aperture library and found these photos:

Fish tank

I feel a little sad letting go of it since I bought it in high school. I still remember handing over my hard-earned $120. But I’m ready to let someone else enjoy it. We’re just not that into it anymore, it takes up space in the living room, and it takes up time and money maintaining it and feeding the fish.

The first person who wrote to me is really into fish. He has two other tanks and is more than happy taking all of our fish related clutter off our hands. Wish me luck!