Thyme in the Country

I love living in the city, but sometimes it’s great to get out and see some green! This weekend we had a wonderful getaway in upstate New York, at Thyme in the Country; an eco-friendly bed & breakfast with cows, chickens, a swimming pool, beautiful rooms and two friendly and interesting hosts. If you are interested in taking a vacation to the country, we definitely recommend Thyme in the Country Bed & Breakfast. If not, you might still enjoy the photos and some green ideas and inspiration.

We drove up on the Taconic Parkway instead of the busier NYS Thruway. We used less gas and were able to roll the windows down instead of using the air conditioner (despite it being 85 degrees) because much of the road was shaded by trees. We were happy to notice most of the other cars with their windows down too!


Welcome to Thyme in the Country

This 1880s Farm House has been sustainably renovated bit by bit, including solar panels and rain collecting barrels, energy efficient appliances and water-saving fixtures, blue jean insulation, recycled windows and building materials (eg, old chalk boards for bathroom counter and shower walls/floor…genius!). Another great idea: the Koches used black hoses resting on a large piece of wood facing the sun to heat water which is used to clean dishes in an outdoor sink…and it got quite hot! The swimming pool uses a filter that does not include dangerous liquid chlorine. They are also in the process of installing a composting toilet. The cows keep the grass down (and fertilize it), the chickens peck in the fields and eat scraps and much of the food is grown on site in an organic garden. Our room stayed cool even though the days were in the upper 80s. Here are some photos of the grounds:

Welcome to Thyme in the Country
Map of Grounds
Green Front Yard
Garden and Solar Panels

Cows and Chickens

We loved interacting with the cows and chickens. There was a 6 week old calf that was so cute but camera shy, Hilda (the Mama) and Pepe (a heifer). We learned that heifer means a cow who has not been pregnant yet. On Saturday night the cows hung out with us around a camp fire and Pepe kept trying to get at the graham crackers we had for s’mores. On Sunday morning we fed the chickens leftover bread.


Mama and baby
Milking Mama
Pepe grazing
Pepe getting a rub


Young chickens in coop
Young chicken

Walking Around

We took a walk around the area and saw some nice green views.

Walk around the area
Nearby barn
Nearby pond

Local Food

All our food for the weekend was local and organic. We had breakfast at the B&B and big dinners out at two farm-to-table restaurants. Most of the farms in the area are biodynamic farms and the restaurants get their food as local as possible.

Sour Cherry Cobbler

One of my favorite breakfast items was the Sour Cherry Cobbler with whipped cream from Mama!

Sour Cherry Cobbler

Pesto and Sausage Pizza

At the Main Street Public House, I really enjoyed my pizza, made with sourdough crust, pesto, whole pine nuts, sausage and goat cheese. This would be a great combo to try to make at home!

Pesto Pizza

Handmade Ice Cream

We ended our meal with fresh ice cream, made with flakes of chocolate and chunks of cherries. We were worried we were too full but were so glad we gave it a try. The ice cream was creamy, delicious and refreshing. It didn’t make us feel too stuffed at all!

Handmade Ice cream

Arugula Salad

The other evening we went to Local 111, another farm-to-table restaurant with a more gourmet feel. I had a delicious risotto main course, but I think the real star was the arugula salad, and it’s another dish I think would be great to try at home. It included arugula with a touch of lemon vinaigrette dressing, sunflower seeds, thick cut bacon bits that had a texture almost like jerky, and a piece of crusty bread topped with creme fraiche. The picture is a half portion (we asked to share and they served it on two plates).

Arugula Salad

Month Without Plastic Update

The whole weekend the only plastic I got was a wine bottle cork. I don’t consider it a fail though because the wine was from a local NYS winery and we always keep our corks anyway. I write the date and event on them and put them in a large glass vase on our dining room table. I did have to decline s’mores because all the parts came wrapped in plastic (graham crackers, marshmallows and the “dark” chocolate Hershey bar). It’s probably a good thing though since the first ingredient on the chocolate bar was sugar and the first? second? ingredient on the marshmallows was high fructose corn syrup.

Wine Corks