The hardest part of decluttering

17 jars

The hardest part of decluttering 2012 items this year is keeping track of them. We did really well with the number of things we let go of in the second quarter, but I haven’t updated our count because both Peter and I have multiple lists and we haven’t sat down to sort through everything. I didn’t realize how much extra work it makes to keep track of what you declutter, but I am going to try and stick it out.

I started the year by taking individual photos of every item, which I thought would be the simplest method since I can see how many photos are in an album in Aperture automatically. That plan fell apart when I took photos of multiple items at once, or had some things ready to go and it was inconvenient to get the camera.

This month I started a new approach, and we’ll see if it works. Instead of using my camera I’m using my iPod to take photos and I’m writing what the photo is of on the chalkboard wall. Hopefully a photo list will be easier going forward.

Wish me luck! I’ll try to post an updated count as soon as possible.