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Week 25: Organizing a shelf full of paperwork

I haven’t touched any papers for over two months, unless you count shoving them in to every nook and cranny of this one shelf on my bookcase…

Week 2: Scanning Like Mad

Photos from mom's album

It’s Week 2 of Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks of Organizing. This week my goal was to tackle the “memories” box from my mom’s sister (photos, newspaper clippings, graduation invitations, etc) as well as my mom’s childhood photo album.

The Lazy Way to Reduce Unwanted Mail

With a new service of, you can now have your name removed from the sources rather than unsubscribing from each individual catalog.

If I Start Quoting Real Simple


Do you have one of those boxes, piles, shelves, or other areas in your home filled with stuff you can’t get rid of because it represents a big project that you will one day accomplish if you just get the time? I do – but it’s going to be gone very, very soon

Your Own Personal Paperless Newspaper

Last month I wrote about all the ways we’ve cut out paper from entering our home. Today I discovered Times, a great Mac application which might help you keep your news addiction without the paper.

Green Tour: The Threshold

To kick off the “green tour” of our home, I’m starting with the threshold; specifically the paper: catalogs, magazines, bills, statements, etc. While writing this post, I realized I still had a few thinks I needed to tackle, so this is also a “Tackle it Tuesday” post.