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Starting a new CSA season


Sharing a few recipes from our first CSA pickup of the season.

Mexican Inspired Chicken Salad

chicken salad

A quick and delicious light dinner, using leftover chicken.

Paleo Breakfast Burritos

Paleo breakfast burrito

This is one of my favorite Paleo breakfasts to make.

The first day of the Whole30

We made it through the first day, sort of. We decided to start after breakfast. Besides our otherwise Whole30 friendly meal of eggs, veggies and lots of lard, we had mimosas. We had wanted some champagne on New Year’s Eve but still had more than half of the bottle left even after having more at […]

Healing through food

Meatloaf and fermented veggies

For the last several years I’ve been trying to learn what it means to eat healthfully. Since high school, my main focus with food was maintaining a healthy weight (always a struggle for me). This year everything changed when I became a breastfeeding mom. Our son had a few episodes of projectile vomiting, but I […]