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Living room photos


I’m finally sharing the new living room photos.

Week 3: Living room (coming soon)

I wiped my computer’s hard drive and have no way to share photos (yet). Check back soon for a living room update!

Week 2: Calendar organization


Week 2 of the new 52, I’m sharing my calendar organization.

Week 1: The New 52

Things app

I’m back from my blogging hiatus and I’m going to do another 52 weeks of organizing this year. Want to join me?

Upcycled cardboard drawer dividers

Cardboard drawer divider

I mentioned last week that I used cardboard to make my own drawer divider. Here’s what it looks like and how to make it!

First Organizing Project


For my first project in the 52 Weeks of Organizing, I wanted to purge and reorganize our Christmas decorations. My goal was to go from the two large boxes I started with to one box.

52 Weeks of Organizing (Plan)

Laura from is starting a new weekly organizational challenge. This is perfect timing for me, and I am more than excited to join. We’ve been coasting along enjoying this exciting time of anticipating our first baby, but planned to get down to the business of actually making space for the baby in 2011.

If I Start Quoting Real Simple


Do you have one of those boxes, piles, shelves, or other areas in your home filled with stuff you can’t get rid of because it represents a big project that you will one day accomplish if you just get the time? I do – but it’s going to be gone very, very soon

The Useful 20 Percent

After reading “Home is Not My Stuff” this weekend, I was inspired to tackle a project I’ve been putting off for ages: the medicine cabinet, vanity and below sink storage in the bathroom.

Green Tour: The Threshold

To kick off the “green tour” of our home, I’m starting with the threshold; specifically the paper: catalogs, magazines, bills, statements, etc. While writing this post, I realized I still had a few thinks I needed to tackle, so this is also a “Tackle it Tuesday” post.