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Formaldehyde in Maple Syrup?

I read in Growing Up Green that maple syrup may contain formaldehyde and since I recently ran out of maple syrup I wanted to do a little research before I purchased more today. Here’s what I found out.

Growing Up Green Review

This book has very specific resources for “greening” your home and body from pre-pregnancy through your child’s adolescence. It covers everything you in your home and encourages going beyond your own home into your child’s school and community.

Thyme in the Country

I love living in the city, but sometimes it’s great to get out and see some green! If you are interested in taking a vacation to the country, we definitely recommend Thyme in the Country Bed & Breakfast. If not, you might still enjoy the photos and some eco-friendly inspiration.

Find Good Food

For those days when you just can’t face cooking, here’s a great resource: The Eat Well Guide to local, sustainable and organic food. Enter your zip code and see local results for bakers, butchers, coffee shops, restaurants, wineries and more.