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Our new non-toxic mattress

New mattress on the bed

We’re loving our new natural latex mattress, especially since it’s a king size.

Why am I excited about a hallway full of boxes?


After a rough weekend, this week is shaping up to be much better. Yesterday our UPS delivery guy arrived with our new king size non-toxic, natural latex and wool mattress and our new water filter, which will remove chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals from our drinking water. As you can see, the cats were also […]

Car seat toxicity rankings (and our new car seat)

Sunshine Kids Radian 65 Convertible Car Seat

Peter recently outgrew his infant car seat that we got secondhand and I spent a while researching our options for a “convertible” seat (works for rear-facing infants and forward-facing children usually up to 65 or 70 pounds). It’s very important for babies to remain rear-facing at least up to 12 months old so we needed […]