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Will we ever get there?

5 year goals (from 2009)

My husband recently came across an old list I made. It was great timing because lately we’ve been wondering if we’ll ever finish many of our goals and it was inspiring to see how many things from the old list are either completed or started.

My next thirty years

Next 30 years

I find Nicole Balch truly inspirational. The beautiful monthly photos of her children Eleanor and August are what inspired my monthly photos of Peter. I also loved her “30 before thirty” list, but didn’t feel that I had enough time to complete one of my own by the time I saw hers. Nicole has inspired […]

How I organize my lists

This week’s organizing has been all about the final push (pun intended) to get everything situated before baby’s debut. I’m less than a week away from my due date and excitedly waiting to see when baby will decide to meet us. I have read and wrote checklist after checklist… supplies for labor and birth, birth […]