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May 7th, 2010

100 Percent Wind Power

Wind Power Letter

I’m excited to say that we’ve finally signed up for 100% wind power! We received a letter from our energy company encouraging us to switch and have been thinking about it for a while. I’ve been saving data about our energy use for a couple of years and was able to figure out that switching to wind power would only cost us an average of $5.29 extra per month. A small price to pay in my opinion! Then I found out it is possible to get a fixed rate for one year, so maybe we won’t end up paying more if we can avoid the rate spikes.

Our Energy Use

Speaking of spikes, I made some graphs analyzing our monthly energy consumption. Before I moved in with my husband I had a small window air conditioner that I rarely used. (I lived in an apartment that had windows at the front and back, as well as a light shaft in the center so when it got hot I opened all the windows and let the wind do the work). When I moved in with my husband it was a completely different situation. The building is divided into two apartments per floor so our only windows are on one wall. No cross ventilation! During the summer of 2008 our electricity consumption went from under 200 kwh per month to almost 900! Last summer, we didn’t have the big spike. I’ll tell you more about how we did it when I start the “green tour” of our home (very soon).

Energy Use Over Time

Yearly Comparison

I made another chart to compare year to year how much energy we have used. Overall, we have been improving, except in January and February. Our winter gas use has increased each year. It’s very hard to keep our apartment warm because there is no heat below or above us. We try to keep the heat in as much as possible as well as keeping it slightly lower but I draw the line when my fingernails start to turn blue!

Energy Use Annual Comparison

Sign Up!

If you’re in the NYC area, you can sign up for this 100% wind power program by visiting or calling 1-888-320-8991.

If you’re outside of NYC, call your power company next time you’re looking at your bill and ask what your options are!

Where does your power come from? How many KWH/Therms do you use each month?