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September 23rd, 2011

Week 38: Back to the bookshelf

I organized the worst shelf on this bookcase earlier in the 52 weeks of organizing. This week I worked on the three top shelves on the same bookcase. Now I just have one more to go and I can show off the whole thing.

Bookshelf before

When I started (above), the photo frame on the top shelf was partially covered by my books. I had moved them from the bedside table since I no longer need to read at night to fall asleep (thanks to those lovely relaxing hormones that put me and the baby to sleep when he nurses).

The other two shelves were filled with photos, frames, decorations and a few random items. I removed a few decorations, which I’ll be adding to my donation tally later. (I decided not to count things until they are actually out of our apartment, not just sitting in a box waiting to go.)

Here’s what those shelves look like now:

Bookshelf after

Everything on the shelves is now visible, instead of layers of items blocking each other. I think the top shelf still looks a bit crowded, so I’ll probably move a few more books to my long term book storage.

Now I just need some help with the last shelf. It’s filled with old yearbooks, school projects, my middle school trombone music book, my high school photography binder, our Bradley Method workbook, etc. I never know what to do with these things. I’m not that sentimental (the only thing I ever look at on the shelf is my baby book) but for some reason they always seem to stick around. Do you keep stuff like that?