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Our new non-toxic mattress

New mattress on the bed

We’re loving our new natural latex mattress, especially since it’s a king size.

Is there such a thing as dinner in bed?

Mattress in dining room

Because this is what our dining room looks like right now…

Why am I excited about a hallway full of boxes?


After a rough weekend, this week is shaping up to be much better. Yesterday our UPS delivery guy arrived with our new king size non-toxic, natural latex and wool mattress and our new water filter, which will remove chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals from our drinking water. As you can see, the cats were also […]

Fresh Aire paint on clearance

Fresh Aire paint

We are going to paint the closet doors in our bedroom white this week and we wanted to make sure we got a paint that wouldn’t compromise our indoor air quality. While looking around for a decent deal on paint, we found out that Home Depot’s Fresh Aire paint is being discontinued and is on clearance.