Peter’s lunches during the Whole30

The Lunch Gear

We don’t pack our food in plastic because of health concerns as well as environmental reasons. Here’s how we avoid plastic lunches to go:

Peter's lunch containers

  1. Stainless steel airtight containers by Sanctus Mundo. I love these so much that I’ve written about them before. We have seven of them and use them for lunches, leftovers (at home or restaurants), and taking to the farmer’s market for seafood, delicate fruit or anything really. They hold about 3 cups.
  2. We just added a recycled cotton carrier by To-Go Ware that holds three of the containers perfectly (or two with a couple of “sidekicks,” and has a pocket for silverware. It’s also available in green and 2-tier.
  3. An Insulated Klean Kanteen keeps the contents hot for hours, and is great for packing soup. If you pack a chunky soup, you’ll probably want to have a bowl to pour it into, but pureed soup or bone broth are easy to drink right from the “kanteen.”
  4. Small stainless steel sidekick containers by To-Go Ware. These are great for salad dressing, nut butter, or any other food that you want to keep separate until lunch time.
  5. Large stainless steel sidekick containers by To-Go Ware. These are great for nuts, cut fruit, coconut flakes or other snacks that you want a little more than will fit in the small sidekick, but not quite so much that you need one of the large airtight containers.
  6. Reusable cotton bags (not pictured). These are also good for snacks like nuts and coconut flakes (we also used to use them for sandwiches).

Questions I asked Peter

Q: Do you heat your lunches?

A: I mostly eat them room temperature, right out of the stainless steel containers. I used to keep a ceramic bowl at work to warm food in the microwave but I’ve since learned that microwaves destroy nutrients. In the future I don’t plan to heat the food unless I have access to a toaster oven. (The stainless steel containers are oven safe.)

Q: Regarding the stainless steel containers: How well do the clamps work? Are they spill proof?

A: The clamps work quite well; I’ve never had a problem with them opening. Yes, they are spill proof, even for liquids.

Q: What has it been like having lunch packed every day?

A: Initially I was reluctant because it’s one more thing to carry. That’s the main reason I never stuck with bringing lunch to work everyday in the past. Now that I committed to the Whole30, it became a habit. I feel like I could incorporate anything into my schedule by making it a habit.

Q: What is it like eating Whole30 in the “real world?” How have your coworkers reacted? (I asked this question because Peter works in a small office and they all order lunch in and eat together around one big table.)

A: They definitely noticed. In the beginning they asked me questions about what kind of diet I was on but now they are used to me bringing food.

Q: What was the biggest challenge this month?

A: Not drinking beer, even though I drink very infrequently. It’s challenging not because I desire a beer but more not being able to partake and enjoy a social drink with friends.

Q: Have you noticed any positive changes?

A: I definitely noticed my waistline go down and I’ve definitely had way fewer reactions to food than I’ve had in the past (like heavy, bloated feelings after eating). I generally feel good that I’m able to take control over the situation and it’s not at the expense of something else in my life. It’s a great feeling.

Peter felt inspired to write more about his perspective after I interviewed him. Check back soon for his guest post!