Our new non-toxic mattress

New mattress on the bed

After my big fail, we took the mattress apart and put it together again as a team. This time we put it together directly on the bed frame. I guess I would have done this to begin with if I hadn’t skipped reading the instructions.

For the last week or so we have been so comfortable and are enjoying not sleeping on top of each other! We got the king size frame secondhand on craigslist a while ago but then took a few weeks to decide what type of mattress to order. Once we decided, we had to wait 4-6 weeks for it to be delivered. We filled in the empty space next to our queen mattress with some pillows “just in case” but on more than one occasion I spied Peter sleeping in the little spot with his arms pinned to his sides. I can’t imagine him getting a restful sleep that way.

Now we have a supportive natural latex mattress by Pure Rest, with three customizable layers and an organic cotton zippered cover.

Why Pure Rest?

  • Natural latex with no chemicals
  • Very comfortable with even support (no springs)
  • Organic cotton tested for chemical residue
  • Only fair labor used in producing mattresses
  • Less motion transfer (when I wake up with the baby it doesn’t disturb Peter)

I was a little skeptical of the zippered cover option but ultimately I’m really glad we went for it:

  • Once all the layers are inside and it’s zipped up, it looks just like a regular mattress
  • The mattress shipped with the different layers rolled up in standard boxes
  • If we decide we want to change the firmness of the layer closest to us, we can reorder them
  • We can also exchange one layer at no charge
  • The price was significantly lower

(We also got a discount since I am a member of the Holistic Moms Network and we bought the mattress from a company owned by another Holistic Mom, Organic and Healthy Inc.)