No Complaints Saturdays

Over the last couple of months I’ve started writing many new posts for this blog, and for many different reasons haven’t finished a single one of them. The longer it went on, the more I thought I would have to explain and justify my absence. I started thinking about everything that happened and planning how I would write about it. Then we started “No Complaints Saturdays” and I realized that what I was planning to write was really just one big complaint disguised as an excuse for not writing.

Saturdays are our favorite day around here because another week is over, but you still have Sunday ahead before the work week starts again and there is so much promise to get it all done this time. We get up and go to the farmer’s market where we start with raspberry hamentashen, apple pie pockets and coffee. We listen to live folk music and walk through the gardens or sit at a table and watch all the people and dogs in the park. In light of how much potential there is for relaxing and enjoying ourselves, we decided we were not going to complain–about anything–during these lovely Saturdays. At first, we caught ourselves starting to complain a LOT. Then I started noticing complaining in my head even when it wasn’t out loud. It’s hard to silence, but it gets easier-especially if you have someone to help keep you on track-and it sure feels great when you finally lose the desire to complain all the time!

So, thank you to everyone who has written to me or told me how much you enjoy my writing and thank you for encouraging me to keep going. I will be back soon with more. Stay tuned to learn about butter making, composting in the city, continuing the green tour and much more.