Living room photos

It seems like all of my (limited) computer time for the last couple weeks has been dedicated to getting everything set up again after wiping the hard drive. Finally I am sharing one of my organizing projects. Without further ado, the living room:




living room

We had a Christmas tree in the living room before we moved in (and arranged our furniture around the tree) so the first step in organizing was figuring out a good layout. We never quite felt like we got it right in our apartment, but the new shape and size of the living room seem to be working wonderfully. The TV stand fit perfectly in the window alcove. We brought the coffee table out of storage and added a wool rug I found on Craigslist.

Some more details about my organizing:

  • The internet and phone routers are in the bottom drawer of the narrow bookcase, and a stick-on child lock keeps the drawer from being pulled out without putting any holes in the furniture.
  • Adult board games are in the ottoman, which has a top that’s too heavy for small children to lift up.
  • Baskets in the coffee table hold remotes and toys (and several are empty)! The top shelves in the coffee table are a fun place for toddlers to have another play surface. I think it also makes the room feel more airy.
  • My books are arranged by color (the top shelf is red, orange, yellow and green and the bottom shelf is blue, purple, white and black).
  • The small basket on the wide bookcase holds keys and other items that we take out to the car when we go out. Next to it are library items. The large basket on the wide bookcase is musical instruments.
  • The drawer in the wide bookcase holds extra blankets and pillows.
  • I left some lower shelves on the bookcases empty for now because Peter can reach them.
  • The TV stand holds DVDs and instead of adding child locks, we just left the drawer pulls inside one of the drawers.

One thing I’m not loving is that our lamp is exposed (it was in a corner in the apartment) and Peter has discovered that it makes a really fun drum sound when hit. I also found a tea cup on the shelf above the routers after a playdate and am slightly worried about our computer backups getting wet, so I may have to make a change in that corner of the room.