I’m loving our photo shelves

A few weeks ago I started working on the storage cabinets in our bedroom, but got stuck on the art to go above it. I was debating if we should use the photo shelves we had, and after seeing how great they look installed, I decided to go for it.

First I used my laser level to hang the bottom shelf at the same level as the large photo we already had on the wall.

Then I pointed the level vertically and marked the left edge so the two shelves  would be stacked directly on top of one another:

To make sure the shelves were straight, I marked the holes for each shelf using the level as a guide:

I drilled holes in the wall, hammered in anchors to make sure the shelves would be secure and then attached them with screws:

I originally wanted to display our wedding album on one of the shelves (we got one that the entire front is a photo) but it was too squat at 8 inches tall and 20 inches wide.

I discovered that the best pieces to display on these type of shelves are either taller than they are wide or are very thin because they need to be able to lean back enough so that they will not fall forward off of the shelf.

This project didn’t cost anything because everything here was reused from somewhere else in our apartment. We kept a stash of art that we had yet to find a place for after merging our two apartments years ago.  To add something new, I also took a couple photos from the box of proofs our wedding photographer sent us.

We played around with the layout and settled on this:

What do you think?