How I organize my lists

This week’s organizing has been all about the final push (pun intended) to get everything situated before baby’s debut. I’m less than a week away from my due date and excitedly waiting to see when baby will decide to meet us. I have read and wrote checklist after checklist… supplies for labor and birth, birth plans, breastfeeding dos and don’ts etc. I’ve also had an ongoing list of things to do around the apartment. It seems like every time I check one item off of that list, I think of two more to add.

Chalkboard wall

My two main ways of organizing lists are the chalkboard wall we created in our hallway and the Things app on my computer. The chalkboard wall is great for when my husband needs me to do something or I need him to do something. Rather than nagging asking the other person until they remember, it just gets written on the wall and then crossed off so the other person can see that it was done.

Things app

For my own To Do list, Things is great. I can just dump every little thing I think of to do. I usually group everything by project (eg, some of the projects I have right now are “Getting Ready for Baby” and two website projects I’m finishing up for work). Within those projects, I can drag each item around so the most important things are at the top and I make sure to do them first. There’s a lot more that the app can do, but you can check that out for yourself if you’re interested in learning more.

Things app

Nursing area checklist

Here’s one of the lists that I am still working on finishing up. I’m working on setting up a comfortable, quiet place where baby and I can both hopefully figure out the whole breastfeeding thing as quickly as possible. Here’s the list of nursing area supplies I’ve compiled:

  • Comfortable rocking chair with low arms
  • Ottoman/footrest
  • Nursing pillow and washable covers
  • Breast pads and olive oil (or should I get this nipple cream?)
  • Burp cloths or extra cloth diapers
  • Water pitcher and drinking glass
  • The Breastfeeding Book (great illustrations and information for reference)

So far everything on the list we’ve either repurposed from other uses or got second hand. I’m surprised and psyched that I was able to pull that off. That being said, I am definitely willing to buy the nipple cream if it’s going to make a big difference. I’m thinking about getting it now so that there’s no lag time if I do end up needing it. Is there anything else you think is indispensable in your nursing area?

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