Gap baby clothes don’t have flame resistant chemicals

GAP pajamas

I went to baby Gap the other day and bought this sleep gown. We were handed down a bunch of newborn and 3 month size gowns and loved them because they make nighttime pottying (or diaper changing) simple. They’re not easy to find in sizes above 6 months, so I was really excited when I saw this one. (I think it’s even cuter in person than in the photo.)

My only concern with a sleep gown is flame resistant chemical treatments. In case you don’t know, since 1971 the law stated that children’s sleepwear exposed to an open flame for 3 seconds must self extinguish. Manufacturers met this requirement several different ways, including using chemicals linked to many health issues. In 1996, tight fitting cotton pajamas were allowed by law without any chemical treatment.

So I wondered if a cotton sleep gown could be categorized as tight fitting with the open leg area. I wrote to Gap, and asked about this gown specifically and all their products generally for future reference. Here’s what they wrote back:

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your Gap baby items. We do not treat our children’s clothes with flame resistant chemicals; we produce clothing that is snug fitting to protect from fire hazards. All of our clothing is made within Federal Law guidelines and we often exceed the minimum restrictions.

We appreciate your interest and we look forward to shopping with you soon!


Customer Service Consultant