Faux walk-in closet sneak peek

Ever since I moved in to my husband’s apartment we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to arrange our bedroom. First my clothes were in a wardrobe in the dining room since his bedroom closet was full. Eventually we moved the wardrobe into the bedroom and we’ve since tried several different arrangements.

For the last year we’ve had it perpendicular to the closet, creating a small dressing area. It has been the best arrangement so far but still not ideal (only one of us could get to our clothes at a time). We liked how it made the room feel more intimate to have two separate areas for dressing and sleeping though.

When I saw this great faux walk-in closet on the IKEA website I knew we had to try it. It takes the idea one step further, creating two separate spaces. We’ve been trying out living with the new arrangement before committing to adding a divider, moving our full length mirror  and so on. We’re loving it so far.

Dressing corner before

The closet in progress

What do you think? Doesn’t our “closet” look so much bigger now?