Disappointing First Day

The first day of month without plastic just ended a few minutes ago. It started off really well. My husband and I decided to go to a local museum, and instead of driving, we walked the 20 minutes from our apartment. I felt great that we were not being oil dependent (since that was the whole motivation behind Month Without Plastic) and we were also getting some exercise. I used to walk a lot more than I have been since I started working at home, but I digress.

After the museum we stopped for a bite to eat and ordered a Pellegrino for us to share since I knew it came in a glass bottle. Well, the waitress brought the bottle with two glasses and two straws with the paper taken off (except for the very top), so I doubted giving them back for someone else to use would work. They would probably just throw them away. I was so disappointed. Day 1 and I’m already receiving plastic I don’t want. Then on the walk home we saw a man holding a baby in one of those front backpack-like things and smoking a cigarette. Could he really not know about second hand smoke? I made sure to comment about it loud enough for him to hear me. Anyway, again I digress.

Tonight we had lots of fun playing bocce ball with some friends, but plastic found it’s way in. We got beer bottled in glass but on closer inspection the metal caps were lined with plastic inside. At dinner, I decided to be up front with our waitress. I noticed she was serving drinks in plastic cups with straws and I told her I was trying to go a month without using anything plastic and asked if I could please have a glass. Well, she brought my drink in a glass but, you guessed it, placed a plastic straw in the drink. Then when my food came, there was a plastic SOLO condiment container on the plate holding sour cream. I was glad I had my new Kleen Kanteen with me when I couldn’t finish my food. I filled it up with the leftovers and got the heck out of there before they could try to give me more plastic.

This is going to be impossible unless I go back to cooking everything at home (I got out of the habit after having shoulder surgery two weeks ago, leaving me with limited use of one of my arms). So, at the end of Day 1, here’s where I’m at:

  • 2 plastic straws
  • 3 beer bottle caps lined with plastic
  • 1 plastic condiment container

On the bright side, I have been talking to all my friends about what I’m doing, so I hope I’m spreading the message. Please tell me that some of you had a better first day?