Decluttering update (0-159)

Decluttered in the first quarter of 2012

The first quarter of 2012 is over and we are only at 159 items. I do have many more things sorted and ready for a garage sale though.

I’ve been taking photos of everything and then making a list to track my progress. In addition to admitting to myself that certain things I was keeping were trash, I’ve given away food we no longer eat (oatmeal, flour, etc) to some friends, sold a couple pieces of furniture on craigslist and a few books on Amazon. I also took some too-small baby clothes to a consignment shop.

I thought the total was going to be a lot more than 159. Trying to match individual items with people who want them is proving to be much harder than I anticipated. My husband is starting to lean toward the instant gratification of dumping a bunch of boxes off at Goodwill. Depending on how the garage sale goes, we may just resort to that.

Would you find it amusing, inspiring or at all worth your time to see the list as I update it?