Cooking with Leeks

On a recent trip to the farmer’s market I picked up what I thought were some very large green onions and asked the farmer to be sure. Nope, they were leeks. I’d never tried leeks and told him so, which led to some great tips and some great food this week. Leeks are similar to green onions but much thicker and have more layers instead of a single tube. They contain more sugar which means they caramelize very well.

Because of the way leeks grow, they bring soil up inside of their leaves, so when you prepare them you should slice them down the middle length-wise, separate the leaves and rinse them upside down (white part up, green part down) to get any dirt out. This is what they look like before and after:


Leeks After Cleaning

We made some purple potato hash browns with caramelized leeks (using the whiter part) and scrambled eggs with leeks (using the greener part) for breakfast. Both were very tasty.

Using Leeks for Breakfast

Next up is potato and leek soup. I’ll let you know how it turns out!