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Too busy purging and organizing to blog

Fish tank

Just kidding, sort of. I have been organizing a lot but never seem to get the chance to link up to the 52 weeks since Fridays are not working out as good blogging days for me. I took photos of some of our larger purge items this week and listed them on craigslist today. I […]

Week 44: I have a confession to make


I was planning to share my finally finished bookshelf but then I decided I needed to make a confession after reading Laura’s post today, entitled Shoving things behind your couch is not dealing with your clutter. So. Here it is… Can you tell what it is? It’s an extra 50 square feet. Yep, a storage unit. […]

52 weeks list of completed projects

I created a new (organized) page with a list of all the projects I’ve completed and the ones I still want to do. There’s only 10 weeks left and 10 projects I still want to get done. Wish me luck!

Week 42: Thank goodness for ELFA

Can't open the front door

This has been driving me crazy… Why? Take a closer look… We love this portable washer that was handed down to us, but hate that the only place we could put it out of the way, wasn’t really out of the way since we could only partially open our front door. I am so glad we […]

Week 41: All the things I don’t have to organize anymore

We finally made some huge progress on de-cluttering. Here is a list of items that are no longer in our apartment demanding a place to be stored. We recycled some, gave some to other families in one of our neighborhood parents’ groups, gave some to a neighbor that does a sidewalk sale for charity and […]

Week 38: Back to the bookshelf

Bookshelf after

I organized the worst shelf on this bookshelf earlier in the 52 weeks of organizing. This week I worked on the three top shelves on the same bookcase. Now I just have one more to go and I can show off the whole thing.

Week 37: DVD collection

Movies before

Once again, too many choices was not a good thing for us. Here’s how we kept only our favorite DVDs.

What should have been week 36

Last week we had an epiphany about our de-cluttering and organizing mission. We recently read Simplicity Parenting and learned about the problems with too many choices. (I kind of knew this already, but forgot. Oops.) We mentioned the concept to a friend, and he told us about a related idea: decision fatigue. Basically decision fatigue is what happens when […]

Week 35: Cutting down the jewelry stash

Jewelry before

This is the before photo of a lot of my jewelry. I had phases with colorful pins and then bracelets. I still like the way they look sorted by color in my closet… but I never wear them anymore. I also still have my childhood jewelry box, but the necklace hanging spot is made for […]

Farewell to the china cabinet

Farewell china cabinet

The bittersweet moment of the china cabinet leaving our apartment.