Organizing & Decluttering Archives

Weeks 4-7: Kitchen organization


I kept it simple the last month, and tackled one tiny project each week.

Living room photos


I’m finally sharing the new living room photos.

Week 3: Living room (coming soon)

I wiped my computer’s hard drive and have no way to share photos (yet). Check back soon for a living room update!

Week 2: Calendar organization


Week 2 of the new 52, I’m sharing my calendar organization.

Week 1: The New 52

Things app

I’m back from my blogging hiatus and I’m going to do another 52 weeks of organizing this year. Want to join me?

The hardest part of decluttering

17 jars

The hardest part of decluttering 2012 items this year is keeping track of them.

(Semi) successful garage sale

Garage sale 2012

We sold a decent amount of stuff and made a little money.

Decluttering update (0-159)

Decluttered in the first quarter of 2012

The first quarter of 2012 is over and we are only at 159 items.

You’ve got trash

Old baking sheets

I’ve recently decided it was time to admit to myself that I’m keeping trash.

Final purge count for 2011: 247 items

Here is our purge list for the rest of 2011 (November and December).