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Would you like some time in the country?

  Last summer we took a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast called Thyme in the Country. Since that trip I’ve stayed in touch with the proprietor, Mary, and helped her reinvent her website and create a new blog. Right now, she has a contest going on that you can win some time in the […]

Fresh Aire paint on clearance

Fresh Aire paint

We are going to paint the closet doors in our bedroom white this week and we wanted to make sure we got a paint that wouldn’t compromise our indoor air quality. While looking around for a decent deal on paint, we found out that Home Depot’s Fresh Aire paint is being discontinued and is on clearance.

I’m loving our photo shelves


A few weeks ago I started working on the storage cabinets in our bedroom, but got stuck on the art to go above it. I was debating if we should use the photo shelves we had, and after seeing how great they look installed, I decided to go for it. What do you think?

I can’t believe I sewed this!

Putting front and back together

I just have to share this because I still can’t believe I did it. I wanted to make my own crib bumper and skirt because all the sets I saw were gender specific, way too expensive etc. I ended up spending $20 on fabric and $10 on batting.

A Renter’s Guide to Eco-friendly Living

This article from the LA Times suggests that renters feel that there isn’t a lot they can do to be sustainable. But I’ve always felt that apartment dwellers have a leg up. What do you think?

Thyme in the Country

I love living in the city, but sometimes it’s great to get out and see some green! If you are interested in taking a vacation to the country, we definitely recommend Thyme in the Country Bed & Breakfast. If not, you might still enjoy the photos and some eco-friendly inspiration.

Disappointing First Day

The first day of month without plastic just ended a few minutes ago. It started off really well, but was a disappointment in the end. Please tell me that some of you had a better first day?

Month Without Plastic Starts Today

Today is the first day of Month Without Plastic! As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been trying to use less plastic for a while now. I’m excited to try to meet the challenge and will post updates throughout the month.

Wormie Wordless Wednesday

Since the herbs are way over my head in our skylight, this little worm helps me see (without getting on a ladder) when the soil in a non-terra cotta pot is getting dry.

Plastic is Forever

Since a few of the upcoming posts I have planned will be mentioning ways in which we have reduced our plastic consumption, I thought now would be a good time to talk about why we would want to stop using plastic.