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Today in the garden

Today in the garden

Will we ever get there?

5 year goals (from 2009)

My husband recently came across an old list I made. It was great timing because lately we’ve been wondering if we’ll ever finish many of our goals and it was inspiring to see how many things from the old list are either completed or started.

Our new non-toxic mattress

New mattress on the bed

We’re loving our new natural latex mattress, especially since it’s a king size.

Is there such a thing as dinner in bed?

Mattress in dining room

Because this is what our dining room looks like right now…

Why am I excited about a hallway full of boxes?


After a rough weekend, this week is shaping up to be much better. Yesterday our UPS delivery guy arrived with our new king size non-toxic, natural latex and wool mattress and our new water filter, which will remove chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals from our drinking water. As you can see, the cats were also […]

My next thirty years

Next 30 years

I find Nicole Balch truly inspirational. The beautiful monthly photos of her children Eleanor and August are what inspired my monthly photos of Peter. I also loved her “30 before thirty” list, but didn’t feel that I had enough time to complete one of my own by the time I saw hers. Nicole has inspired […]

Winter is the time to slow down

I have been overbooking myself lately and it shows. I have I have 18 draft blog posts right now, reflecting my inability to finish a thought to completion when I’m too hurried. (I also have dirty dishes overflowing out of the sink onto the kitchen counter.) I decided to take a moment to publish one […]

TV benches

TV benches

We finally upgraded to a flat screen TV a while ago when the last of the LED backlit models were on clearance. I really wanted to hold out and see how long the TV I got when I was 13 would last, but I gave up since that sucker was still going strong after 15 […]

Teaser update with more to come soon

So much has been going on here that I can’t wait to find the time to write more about. I’m getting more involved with the Holistic Moms Network and I’m really excited that I’m filling out the application to become a co-leader of the local chapter. (Possibly the last time I’ll get to check the […]

About that link up

I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been wanting to do a link up. Here’s my plan. Would you be interested?