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I’ve always been a big Barbara Kingsolver fan, and ever since I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I’ve been trying to read more books about environmental issues that effect our health and happiness, including eating, cleaning and other home-related topics. I plan to write a review for each of the books I read in this category of the blog.

The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

I love books like this that give a little extra motivation for living more sustainably. In this case, saving money. The book shows you how to reduce the average expense of first-time parents from almost $7000 to under $1000 in the first year.

Growing Up Green Review

This book has very specific resources for “greening” your home and body from pre-pregnancy through your child’s adolescence. It covers everything you in your home and encourages going beyond your own home into your child’s school and community.

Feeding Baby Green Review

Feeding Baby Green is an easy read, packed with tons of information, stories, recipes and one massive checklist to help you stick to the goals.

Food Rules Review

I’ve been learning a lot about eating better and the local food movement lately and this book is a great concise list of all that information that you can probably read in an hour.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Review

This book is about one family’s journey of removing themselves from the commercial food system and growing their own food for a year.