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Twenty four months old (Peter’s monthly photo)

24 months old

Peter’s final monthly photo.

Fifteen months old (Peter’s monthly photo)

15 months old

We’ve started to get questions about when Peter’s first hair cut will be, but neither of us are ready.

Fourteen months old (Peter’s monthly photo)

14 months old

Thirteen months old (Peter’s monthly photo)

13 months old

Since Peter just turned 15 months old, I figured I better catch up on sharing his photos.

Little helper in the making

Peter helping with dishes

After a conversation with a friend, I had an a-ha moment and discovered the answer to a recent frustration.

Twelve months old (Peter’s monthly photo)

12 months old

Happy first birthday Peter Clarence!

Eleven Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

11 months old

Ten Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

10 months old

Nine Months Old (EC update)

Diapers before and after

Canceled diaper service Just after Peter turned 6 months, I hesitantly canceled the diaper washing service. We went from the huge stack of prefold diapers on the left to the tiny stack of organic prefold diapers on the right. Typically, the 30 diapers last us a week before I have to wash them. They hang […]

Nine Months Old (Peter’s Monthly Photo)

9 months old