What’s in a Name?

When I picked the name for this blog, I decided to pick a name similar to the TV show, hoping that it would be memorable. I then realized I had never actually seen the show and wondered what on earth I had just associated myself with. Oops! I pulled up an episode on Hulu and, well, it was pretty much what I expected. The housewives are rich, catty socialites however they are women with many of the same concerns and issues we all face. Because they put it all out there and don’t hide or hold anything back, it’s almost impossible to look away. Almost.

Life in NYC

Unlike the women in the show, most of us New Yorkers live in tiny apartments and have limited income. But like many of them, we work hard to follow our dreams, often with more than one job. After working for several years as a service coordinator/supervisor for medically fragile children I left to become a freelance web developer, which was possible thanks to my supportive husband. Working at home gives me the flexibility to pursue all my crazy schemes (when they aren’t being ripped off by stupid backstabbing New Yorkers haha) as well as working on becoming a better wife and keeper of the home.

Shortly after I left my social work job, I got wrapped up in planning our wedding, which coincided with the economy taking a nose-dive. To give you an idea of the timing, a friend of ours who works for Goldman Sachs got called in for an emergency meeting and missed our wedding. A few months later, my husband was laid off. We managed to live on his unemployment checks and the little bit I make as a freelancer for almost a year. In that year we spent a lot of time together and took an extended trip to Costa Rica, where we were inspired to change our lifestyle. When we first came back we were hating on NYC. Once we got into the thick of things again, we decided to try and find a balance between the over-the-top lifestyle that many people strive for in NYC with the laid-back, eco-friendly lifestyle of the Ticos.

Our Wedding

Sustainable Living

The first memory I have of being taught a life lesson happened when my family went on a nature walk when I was a little girl. My grandmother said, “You should always leave a place better than you found it.” That day, we carried out some trash that others left behind, and later started a family tradition of picking up trash every Earth Day. Here’s a photo of us on that family nature walk:

Family Nature Walk

Living by Example

I’ve never forgot my grandmother’s words (which I’m sure she learned from her mom or grandma) and I’m so glad our Costa Rican stay inspired us to step up our commitment to living more sustainably. I hope to sway others to do the same. My desire to share the sustainable living message more widely is thanks to Dori and Val and their funny and informative More Hip Than Hippie podcast; after I started listening to their show, I was inspired to start this blog.

I always try to live by example instead of being self-righteous or preachy and I hope that comes across in everything I write in this blog. I want to share what I’m doing because it’s exciting, easy to do, and (usually) cheap! I hope I can inspire you to keep sustainability in the back of your mind and instead of focusing on the problems, focus on simple solutions in your everyday actions. You can start anywhere, with any small step. No matter how small, it all makes a difference.

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