About that link up

I mentioned a while ago that I’ve been wanting to do a link up. Here’s my idea…

Everyone can share something they have done to be more eco-friendly/sustainable in their home or life, using the theme of the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle – or any other R you can think of… repurpose, rethink, repair etc. It can be anything big or small.¬†For example, when one of my cousins came to visit a few weeks ago he told me that he recovers the last few drops of maple syrup from a jar by drinking a glass of hot tea out of it. So simple!

The goal is to make a place where we can inspire each other to take small steps every day that together can add up to big changes toward a healthier planet for ourselves, our children and many generations to come! (Is it too late to do anything about this crazy heat?)

So, is anyone interested? If you are, do you think you would prefer it to be every Thursday or the first Thursday of every month?

It’s lame, but the reason I haven’t started this is because I couldn’t come up with a good button. (It’s so much easier to please a client than myself!) I was playing around with the idea of calling it ThuRRRsday, so the three Rs are built right into the name, but it’s just a thought. Anyone have a good idea for a name and/or button?