52 Weeks of Organizing (Plan)

Laura from orgjunkie.com is starting a new weekly organizational challenge. This is perfect timing for me, and I am more than excited to join. We’ve been coasting along enjoying this exciting time of anticipating our first baby, but planned to get down to the business of actually making space for the baby in 2011.

If you’re interested in joining, Laura has created checklist to help you plan out your projects and keep track of which ones are completed.

I’ve come up with a preliminary list for the first 12 weeks. Before writing it all out, my original plan was to do all these projects in January. That may have been a little too ambitious so I’m glad I filled out the checklist (and hopefully 12 weeks is more reasonable).

Here’s my list with a few “before” photos:

Week 1 (Jan. 02) Purge holiday decorations that we didn’t use and try to fit everything into one box instead of two when putting away. Finish selling/donating items in garage before FIL trashes everything

Week 2 (Jan. 09) Scan poems and memories from Aunt Pinky & photo album of mom’s childhood photos (to be returned to mom on Feb. 26)

To scan

Week 3 (Jan. 16) Sell or donate boxes of unwanted items in small bedroom

To sell

Week 4 (Jan. 23) Sell or store second desk in small bedroom? Purge some paperback books, find best layout for desk(s), bookcases and sleeper chair in small bedroom

Books to purge

Week 5 (Jan. 30) Move white bookcase to kitchen for jar storage so we can have more counter space. Purge & organize large bookcase with filing cabinet and move to white bookcase’s old spot

Counter space to recover

Week 6 (Feb. 06) Attach shoe cabinets to wall in bedroom. Get glass cut for top of cabinets. Hang art that is sitting on top of the cabinets. Figure out what to store in the cabinets! Can we move items from a dresser to make room for a nursing corner?

Shoe cabinet storage

Week 7 (Feb. 13) Create “nursing corner” with POÄNG chair/ottoman and other nursing necessities (see book “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” for checklist)

Week 8 (Feb. 20) Figure out best place for guests to sleep before family comes for visit this weekend (is there any way to sleep 4 guests?)

Week 9 (Feb. 27) Purchase and find homes for baby crib and dresser/changing table

Week 10 (Mar. 06) Combine contents of two dining room storage units and sell the big china cabinet (or sell both and switch to the new cabinets we’ve had on our wish list?)

Week 11 (Mar. 13) Organize freezer and plan/cook items for easy heating up once baby arrives


Week 12 (Mar. 20) Improve paper & cardboard recycling system (add another sorter to other side under kitchen sink?). We have been using empty cat litter bags but after having several house guests over the last few weeks, we are overflowing! It doesn’t help that the snow removal was a big fail here in NYC and there has been no trash or recycling pickup for a long time!

Paper recycling

I’ve also linked this post to my cousin Allyson’s new “List It, Link It” weekly post.